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Deergirl and Brother Bear



And so it came to be there fell a time upon the Earth unlike any other. A black dust settled upon the Earth and its people, heralding a time of lost hope. The dust found its way into people’s hearts and they knew no salvation. Earth, sky, sea, man, woman, child and animal on the brink of the abyss. On the edge of a small town Deergirl lives with her Mother. She has never seen a blue sky or green forest. She wonders what a world with colour would look like.

A strange thing happened to Deergirl during this time of pollution. Two horns appeared on the top of her head. This worried Deergirl and as the dust spread, those little horns grew and grew into a pair of antlers.

One night as she walks home, angry townspeople surround Deergirl and blame her for making the poisonous dust come. They break off her antlers and leave her all alone. As Deergirl falls into a fevered sleep, an antlered creature draws near. It’s frosted pelt sparkles. Silently it comes very close and breathes a magic breath into Deergirl. And new antlers blossom forth.

Waking from a deep sleep, Deergirl sees the Deer is real. “Do not be afraid little one, my name is Brave Dance. Your antlers are most precious and if they are broken again their magic will not work. You must run away from here.”

As Deergirl and Brave Dance travel through the devastated landscape. He tells her “the black dust has poisoned people’s hearts and in anger they have turned against animals, trees, birds, mountains, rivers and seas. People have forgotten the laws of the world that everything is related to everything else.”

As she journeys through the broken world Deergirl’s antlers begin to sing to her and guide her to places where the sky is blue and trees are green. Here she meets animal friends and magic shamans. Through their friendship Deergirl is able to overcome hardship and finds a way to make the dust go away.

My book is for all ages, children young and old. Though the world looks black and white to start with the pages soon fill with colour. So please don’t be afraid.

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