Welcome to my world


Welcome to my world

I hope you’ll like the pictures and words you find here.
What you see is a small part from my children’s book.
I wanted to share with you my journey, of people, animals and the
wondrous things that have happened in my short life.

I don’t know where Deergirl goes from here or what new adventures await?
I hope through showing you my story that new fans will help me to publish my picture book.

Some people have said I’m a superhero.
But I’m just a girl who cares about the earth on which we live.
I believe children care about the world and can make a difference.
From small seeds, fields and forests grow.

The book’s available soon, so join my tribe and spread the word.

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13 Responses to Welcome to my world

  1. Soooooooo wonderful…..Love you magical woman!!! xxx

  2. Really excellent visual appeal on this website , I’d value it 10 10.

  3. Bob says:

    Fantastic illustrations- a magical story my kids would have loved to have read.

  4. Deborah Hill says:

    Deergirl is a wonderfully illustrated journey. Not only will it inspire children to love and cherish the precious world in which they live, it will develop understanding and respect for all forms of animal life. I love the texture of the drawings and feel that hand drawn images themselves will become more and more precious in an increasingly technologically perfecting world.

  5. Jamie McCarthy says:

    Such beautiful drawings and an inspiring story. A wonderful creation – I can almost hear the sound of you drawing these pictures as I look at them!

  6. Nirmala Martis says:

    A beautiful story with fantastic drawings. I can see this as an animated film from Studio Ghibli. Really wonderful. Congratulations :)

  7. Jonathan Allen says:

    this looks great Mel…congratulations! My nephew and niece look forward to meeting their new hero Deergirl very soon!

  8. Mandy Burton says:

    The story of deergirl is a modern day fairy tale, encompassing global issues in a simple, magical way. It is destined to become a classic. The illustrations are enchanting.

  9. ruth lass says:

    it’s so beautiful Meloni, can’t wait to buy it and read it to my kids xxxx

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