I come from an ex-coalfield community in the North of England and began making documentaries for Channel 4 and British Film Institute with: THIS CHARMING MAN, a portrait of my father, an ex-coalminer turned inventor whose life reflects the extraordinary in the everyday.

My short films, DISH (Film4/The Film Council) and LAP (Screen Yorkshire), were described by Screen International as ‘England’s answer to David Lynch’. Both films were selected by the British Council and broadcast on Channel 4/Film4. You can also catch them at the British Film Institute’s Mediatheque at the South Bank.

Following a hit and run accident and two broken wrists and metal plates later, I took up drawing for the first time as a way of mending bones to metal. The drawings here are what emerged. The story of Deergirl ‘a girl with magic antlers who saves a dying world’.

As she journeys through the post-apocalyptic landscape Deergirl, a half-girl, half-deer has the gift to move between human and animal worlds. Deergirl is a bridge to reconnect humans to animals and a call to action to mend the  broken earth.

Travelling through Deergirl’s world I hope to transport you to a childhood place of wide skies, lush fields, talking animals, trees and singing, flying ones. Deergirl has been the best of travel companions.  In a topsy-turvy, fearful world Deergirl is reminder of kindness, courage and belief in magic. For in the darkness there is laughter and new friends to be found.

Hari Papamichael for inspiration and making the story come alive again.  Andy Soameson, designer and Laura and Tom Warner for believing in Deergirl.  Sensei John Maki Evans, for editing insight. Mandy Burton and Delphine Sayre for their friendship and sharing nature’s secrets.  And Jonathan Allen, Sean Richardson, Patrick Tarrant, Marko Waschke, and Sally North.

To website designer Nic Sanchez.
And beautiful music composed by Riz Maslen.
And to my family, thanks for everything.



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